Yttria(Y2O3) has excellent corrosion resistance to plasma and corrosive gases.

This CVD coating prolongs the life of semiconductor device components by reducing particles.


・Excellent halogen resistance

・Excellent step coverage

・Can be coated on three-dimensional objects



Specification summary

Heating temperature:400 ~ 500℃

Maximum size    :φ500mm x H200mm(Large size)

            φ150mm x H150mm(Small size)

Material       :Quartz, Ceramics, Metal

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Plasma Resistance Evaluation

The etching rate is only ∼1/10 of that for sapphire; moreover, ∼1/100 of that for quartz glass

Etching rate
CVD Yttria Coating1nm/min
Quartz glass100nm/min

After exposure of plasma
Left: yttria coating on quartz glass
Right: quartz glass.
The transparency of the quartz glass is significantly degraded by Halogen plasma.

Technical data

Impurities data

Physical property data

Peel strength data